About Us

BUILDING: Accepting that learning and improving takes time and isn’t always a linear journey, but ensuring that that each student and staff member has the support to improve.

BRIGHT: Students look forward to a future that is bright in terms of hopeful and happy and a place where students feel bright – sparky, positive and educated.

FUTURES: The school is developing its careers provision to eventually provide our students with exceptional careers education and experiences in order to prepare them for the world beyond school.

The Blue Coat School Basingstoke is committed to being ever better; our students and staff understand the importance of continually striving to improve and this drives our school’s philosophy. The school aspires to improve its outcomes for students resulting in not only strong exam results but young people who are centred, responsible and confident. The school embraces different cultures and groups within the community and aims to create a sense of belonging to everybody, celebrating difference whilst recognising togetherness.

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