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Philippa Barrowclough

01256 322691

Our aim is to ensure that all pupils at The Blue Coat School Basingstoke have and are able to identify the skills and experiences that they have received at school to benefit them in their next stage beyond school. With an ever-changing careers platform, we hope to ensure that all pupils strive to achieve to the best of their ability to ensure that many doors are open to them, in order to Build a Brighter Future. In KS3 pupils will use the skills builder programme to aid them and then move on to build their CV’s and personal statements with the Start programme in KS4.

In addition, The Blue Coat School Basingstoke works with the EBP consortium which means that students have access to an independent careers advisor, Michael Stockwell, who is based in the year 11 zone. The school organise a programme of interviews for Year 10 and 11 to discuss their career options and interviews and are available on request for other year groups.

At The Blue Coat School Basingstoke we measure the impact of our careers programme using:

  • Compass+ evaluations of our careers provision.
  • Compass+ tracking of student engagement in the careers programme.
  • Student, parents, staff & external agency feedback.
  • Post-16 destinations analysis

The Blue Coat School Basingstoke is committed to providing a careers education which is expansive, supportive and reflective of local and national needs. We aim to provide students with experiences and encounters which allow them to explore a range of options and reflect on their skill base. 

Employer encounters and assemblies help to reinforce the careers programme which is delivered as part of our PSHE programme. The school liaises with local colleges to ensure that students are fully informed about Open Evenings and taster opportunities at a range of providers.

Post-16 Destinations data shows where students go after secondary school.  We aim to support students with skills which will help them stay in education or apprenticeships post-16. You can compare The Blue Coat School Basingstoke destinations data nationally from the Department for Education’s School Performance Table.

The next review of career provision at The Blue Coat School Basingstoke will take place in Sept 2023.

Policy Statement in compliance with Section 42B of the Education Act 1997 and can be found in the Policy section of our website, titled Provider Access Policy

Click on the Widgets provided by LMI For All.  Careerometer is an easy way to get access to labour market information.

Provider Access Policy

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