At The Blue Coat School Basingstoke we believe that every student can learn and succeed; some students just need a little extra help in order to be their very best. Our SEN department is dedicated to providing support which ensures that we identify the right students for the right support at the right time.

We have a team of learning support assistants who work both in class and with small groups to guide those students who find learning a little more difficult. We work closely with the parents of students with EHCPs in order to ensure that they have a suitable programme of support through their secondary school, whilst being ever-mindful of ensuring they become independent and proactive learners. 

We have identified a clear approach to screening students for any learning difficulties, both when they first arrive at the school and also throughout their time with us. Parents and staff are encouraged to refer students for further investigation where they have concerns and we have a comprehensive screening protocol in order to identify particular needs. All teaching staff undertake ongoing training around SEND needs in order to develop their skills further in supporting learners appropriately in classrooms.

Where students are identified as needing further support the SENCO and her team have a range of strategies to hand. Learning Support Assistants’ guidance in lessons is one of many options, but often not the most appropriate. Teachers are issued with STEP plans which advise them on the specific techniques to support specific learners when SEN needs are identified. Alongside this we have case conferences, small group tuition and tailored programmes in order to help grow all of our students into confident, independent learners. 

If you have concerns regarding your child and possible SEN issues then please contact the SENDCo Mrs Hudson.

SEND Information Report

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