Regular attendance is key to success at school and The Blue Coat School Basingstoke works hard to support parents in ensuring students aim for at least 98% attendance in most cases. There is a close link between attendance patterns and examination success. Each day of school missed is a learning opportunity missed and slowly gaps build up in a student’s knowledge-base. Over time these gaps become very difficult to fill and students with poor attendance can therefore lose confidence and motivation as they begin to find learning increasingly hard.

In the case of illness a Parent/Guardian must contact the school on the first day of absence to let us know why a student will not be coming to school. This must be done before 8.00am. If we do not receive a phone call or email you will automatically be contacted by our truancy text system alerting you of your child’s absence. If we have not received a reason for your child’s absence, you will continue to be contacted by school.

If you wish to contact the school please: 

Call: 01256 322691

In the case of prolonged absence, clear medical reasons are needed. Please keep us informed of the students’ progress.  In such cases we will provide you with work.

Should a student need to leave in the day, they should bring a signed note from their parent/carer and will be expected to sign out in reception. Should they return during the day they will be required to sign in at reception also. It is best to make medical appointments outside school hours, however if appointments are made students should leave school and return to school around the appointment time where practicable. 

Seemingly strong attendance of 95% actually equates to one day off a month, 90% becomes an even more alarming one day off every two weeks and has a seriously detrimental effect on a student’s education. Each student should aim for no less than 98% attendance, which is approximately 4 days a year.

Parents will be contacted and supported when the school has concerns about attendance and any student whose attendance falls below 90% is likely to face a fine and involvement of outside agencies.

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