Online Learning

The school uses a variety of online software packages to support student learning.

Satchel One is an online tool that shows homework, deadlines and resources for free!

Simply use the Quicklink “Satchel One”, click or download the app for free.

Students can login using their Office 365 details.  Just click the button Sign in with Office 365

We also provide parents with login details to a personal account.  Parent accounts are ready-linked to their child’s homework calendar.  Parents can stay in the loop without having to ask!  Please contact the school for a Parent PIN to set up your account.

If you have any questions about the service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Satchel One. There are lots of useful articles in the Help section of their website or you can contact them directly via Contact Us.

To access Complete Mathematics go to

Students have their own username and password

To access Accelerated Reader go to or use the following link.

If you need reminding of your personal login or password, students should ask a member of the English department.

The online teaching, learning and assessment service

Kerboodle works alongside course textbooks to create a truly blended learning solution. Packed with customisable learning content, assessment materials and reporting tools, Kerboodle allows you to access quality digital resources outside of the classroom.

Kerboodle provides:

  • Teacher notes, planning materials and on-screen lesson presentations.
  • A range of assessment materials including auto-marked tests, self-assessment checklists and a variety of support materials.
  • An extensive bank of learning resources including videos, animations, podcasts, worksheets and digital versions of the textbooks.

To access Kerboodle use the following link

The Institution Code for Aldworth School is ypl3

Students should click the button Sign in with Microsoft to login with their Office 365 details.

The PiXL apps are to aid with homework and revision for exams and support the work during lessons.


Times Table:

English Lit:



The app gives the students the access to a wealth of video examples and interactive questions which will enhance their understanding and support the progress of each individual. 

Each student has a personal log on which tracks their progress. The apps ares free to download and available on all smartphones, tablets and pc’s and only requires Internet connection to download and log on.

Students can either login using their school email and password by clicking the button Sign in with Office 365; or set up their own login using the Get started button.


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