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Thank you for your interest in The Blue Coat School and I am very pleased to introduce myself as the headteacher. The Blue Coat School has had a challenging few years, but I am pleased to be leading the team who are renewing the school and reviving its good standing in the local community.

The Blue Coat School is on a journey of rapid improvement. The latest Ofsted report designated it requires improvement, which was a fair judgement of the school at the time. The areas identified for improvement were not due to the students or teachers. Aldworth has great students and strong teachers, but they needed clear leadership and belief in what they could achieve. Over the last couple of years, we have made clear improvements including changes to the curriculum, teaching and learning approach, and the behaviour policy. There is still work to do but the school is moving in a positive direction, through the hard work of staff, and buy-in from parents and students.

Our priorities now are to continue to embed our approach to teaching and learning, and to secure the improvements we have made to behaviour across the school. We are also focused on our aim for The Blue Coat School Basingstoke to be an ambitious inclusive community, instilling self-belief in our students, and helping them to feel a sense of belonging and enjoy their time here.

We also aspire for The Blue Coat School Basingstoke to be County-leading in the area of careers and the world of work (WoW). Whether your child aspires to be a medic or a mechanic, we are working in partnership with local business organisations to make it the best school in the County for creating work-ready students. We have introduced a programme of talks for students around different industries. We are engaging with local universities and aim to provide an ever-expanding list of programmes for a range of sectors.  Alongside these specific skills we are establishing the ‘Calibre’ scheme which teaches and recognises the soft skills that are important to all employees. Our aim is to produce students that have not only the grades they need for their chosen career, but the attributes and qualities to make them the stand-out candidates.

All children deserve a school where they are challenged and encouraged to become who they want to be and to discover they can achieve in areas they never thought possible. Every child deserves a school which gives them the aspiration, experience and qualifications to build their own bright future. The Blue Coat School Basingstoke will be that school.

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