The Blue Coat School Basingstoke aims to provide a curriculum, within and outside of school hours, which develops students who harness knowledge, possess skills and behave as informed, responsible citizens. Through a broad curriculum, we aspire for all our learners to be not only confident in themselves, but confident in their ability to learn throughout their lives; safe in the knowledge that hard work and resilience leads to results. The taught curriculum aims to equip students with a practical and intellectual skills to underpin their understanding of the world. Through the emerging ethos of the school, students will develop a strong sense of self and recognise the contribution they can make to the school, the locality and ultimately discover their sense of place in the world.

Curriculum Intent Statement 2021

The Blue Coat School Basingstoke is proud to have a curriculum which is innovative and encourages students to experience a range of subjects before narrowing their choices at Key Stage Four.

All KS3 students follow the national curriculum subjects in English, maths, science, a modern foreign language, history, geography, design technology, art, music, physical education, religious studies,  computing (Year 8/9), PSHE and drama. In 2021 we introduced some exciting new subjects in order to broaden students’ learning and make each year a little different.  Year 7’s learning is complemented with Cultural Studies and Journalism. Year 8 will have lessons in Global Studies and Year 9 will have dedicated STEM lessons.

Our KS4 curriculum is designed to offer students a range of academic and practical subjects to support their future career choices. All students study English Language, English Literature, Maths and Science (either separate or double). Students then choose between History, Geography, MFL or computing. They then have three choices from a wide range of subjects from GCSEs in Media Studies, Design Technology, Art & Design, Drama, Music, BTECs in PE, Health & Beauty, Health & Social Care, ICT, Business. Students continue to study PSHE with RE in weekly sessions. Some students are able to access vocational courses with BCoT or have more bespoke curriculum choices because of their learning needs. 

Information on the options process is updated every year and the KS4 curriculum is altered to reflect the year group and the staffing of the school.

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