Safeguarding is the process of actively preventing students from harmful situations, be that in school, in the community, or at home. Our PSHE lessons teach students about traditional harms such as domestic violence, through to more modern dangers such as internet abuse. Students are encouraged to ‘Take a Stand’ against behaviour which goes against the values of the school and to stand up for kindness.

We are committed to strong safeguarding practice and the Designated Safeguarding Lead is Ms Sian Coultress who works with a team of deputies to help keep our children safe in school and beyond. 

All staff are trained in safeguarding and there are robust school systems to report concerns. Should you be concerned about the safety of a child then please contact one of the safeguarding leads below.

Staff Member
Mrs S Coultress
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr E Boateng
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs M Pearce
Assistant Headteacher
Miss Z Davies
Pastoral Lead – Safeguarding

Child-on-child incidents of harmful behaviour are handled individually on a case-by-case basis and whilst we cannot share specifics due to data protection, we want to be as transparent as possible on how we are handling them. The flowcharts below will show you an outline of how these incidents are managed to safeguard pupils and encourage them to report.

Pupil Flowchart
Teacher and Parent Flowchart
What is stop and search used for

To allay or confirm suspicions about an individual, without arresting.

The stop search itself
  • Officers should be polite and respectful and treat everyone with dignity (GO WISELY)
  • In Hampshire they should turn the body worn camera on to record the search
If you have any concerns regarding a stop and search
  • Take your paperwork to Mrs Coultress
  • She does not need to tell parents – it is your choice
  • She will advocate for you and ask for the footage to be reviewed
  • She will get feedback, she can then share with you what was discovered by her contact in the police
  • If the officer has acted inappropriately they will be spoken with. If it is a miscommunication she will explain it to you
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