Isolating Students

Please phone 01256 322691 as soon as possible to make the school aware if a student is isolating at home.

Should you need to contact the school regarding your child’s virtual schoolwork, please email

The aim of the virtual school system is to reduce the impact of lost face-to-face teaching and learning time. Virtual school learning is not able to replace the experience of in-school lessons like-for-like, but it will aim to ensure that on students’ return to school, they will have had the opportunity to be on an as equal footing as possible with their peers. The system will also provide a platform for students to catch up, should they have been unable to complete work at the same rate as their peers.

If students are unwell while isolating, they should rest until they are well enough to complete virtual school work.

Students well enough to complete work will access virtual school tasks for each of their subjects by logging into Microsoft Teams.

Of course, students should aim to return to school as soon as they are well enough and it is safe for them to do so. Please ensure you continue to communicate with the school to update us with any information, including test results and the expected return-to-school date.

My very best wishes at these continually testing times,

Matt Ashford – Head of Virtual School

Preferred method to access Teams:

Use the Aldworth School website link for Email (Office365) or  

Log into Office365 with the login details you have been given by the school – once logged in you will see in the top left corner of the window an icon which is 9 white dots in a square shape (next to the word Outlook) – click on the white square and you will see options including Teams.

Click on the Teams option

If prompted to install the App – please do not do so but click ‘Use the web app instead’

Mobile apps

If you do have to use the downloaded App on an Apple or Android mobile device then students must use their full username to login

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